LRDI + QA Course Combo

  • Start Date: April 1, 2019, 5:14 p.m.
  • End Date: Jan. 15, 2020, midnight
  • Venue: Online
₹ 8,450

Get The Ultimate LRDI Course and The Ultra Practical QA Course in one package

About The Ultimate LRDI Course

The Ultimate LRDI Course is the most comprehensive LRDI course for CAT and other MBA Exam preparation.

Course features

350+ recorded videos covering all the different types of problems that have come up in CAT over the last two to three years. Each concept is taught at a pace comfortable to all levels of aspirants with ample number of examples to help you understand all the aspects of LRDI.

300 Videos on all concepts in LRDI with solved examples.
80 hours of quality course content.
Daily Practice Sets with video solutions (From Monday to Friday till end October) adding another 200+ sets and 50 hours of video content providing you with ample practice for each aspect of LRDI.

About The Ultra Practical QA Course

QA / Math can become very intimidating, especially if you are a part of an online group or a forum. With each passing day you would come to know about a Jewish or a Vedic mathematician with his own theorems, magic tricks and shortcuts. As with our other courses, our QA course focuses on relevancy and re-usability versus a range of theorems. A subject as vast as QA can be muddled with mumbo jumbo. We would try to de-clutter it.

Course features

We would provide more than 650 concept videos, PDFs and solved examples in all areas that are relevant to CAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams. The theory would be kept to under 15% without compromising the fundamentals of each area.


Obviously without ample practice, solving questions randomly will not help. To help you with this, we would be providing you with 30 sectional tests starting 15th April 2019. These sectional tests would have 34 questions, as with the actual CAT paper along with video solutions for each problem This makes another 1000+ questions to work with. The practice module would help you get in groove for the entire section.

Past Questions with solved video solutions
Besides these, we would have another 750 Questions with videos from past CAT / XAT and IIFT Papers to help you find out the type of questions that are present in each area.

Doubt solving process

Doubt clearing Each course will have its own forum to help you clear all your doubts regarding any problem that you face. Doubts will be solved within 48 working hours max. In practice, this will be much faster. The doubts will be handled in the following manner -

If more than 75% of the doubt resembles a set that is already in included in the course, then we will direct you to the relevant video.

If more than 50% of the doubt resembles a set that is already in included in the course, but does not fall in the first category, then we would be providing an image based solution onto your account.

If this is not sufficient, we will provide a video based solution.

The numbers are a general figure. In case there is need for further explanation, we will provide video based solutions even for the problems in the first two categories.

When you post a doubt, please post the question, options (if any) in form of a screen-shot. Also provide the answer keys (not the solution). Doubt without answer keys won't be entertained. Here are the reasons why?

The aim of a doubt is not to test the knowledge of the instructor, but to understand how to solve the question. You already have the solution, but you are not able to build an approach towards it. Hence a doubt.

We ask for answer keys because even reputed printers and mock providers regularly make errors in problems. This will help us speed up the doubt clearing process.

Teaching methodology

You can check our teaching methodology and the quality of the sets in the free LRDI course for here and for the QA Course here

Why recorded sessions over “live” classes?

LRDI needs concentration. Live classes can be intimidating for students who are starting from scratch and boring for students who want a faster pace. Each one has his or her own speed of grasping and learning. In a live session, sometimes topics and questions are left unsolved. In a recorded session, there is no chance of this happening. For group study and interaction, the discussion forums are there and these provide ample options for peer to peer learning. Imagine trying to learn in a class where everyone is shouting a different answer and you have to worry about 500+ notifications. A recorded session helps you overcome the noise part and you can concentrate on your learning.

For interaction with the instructor, you can always contact us on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. We are always available for your help.

About the instructor

The videos will all be created by Vivek Sankaran.

Vivek fluked his way to an IIM Ahmedabad convert. Vivek was the director of T.I.M.E. Goa from 2009 to 2016. Under his mentorship, T.I.M.E. Goa achieved some fluky results which coincidentally happened each year. He managed to train over 3,000 students for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Vivek has also created LRDI Videos for various online test prep providers. He also hosts the MBA Prep Talk on TOPMYTEST’s YouTube Channel.

TOPMYTEST was started in Jan 2018. We have YouTube Channel and India’s only Test Prep Podcast – The MBA Prep Talk, where we invite mentors and professionals from various stages of their MBA career to help give you an in-depth understanding of the MBA education scene in the country.

Refund Policy
As close to 50 recorded videos are available as a course for your perusal before purchase, there will be no refunds under any circumstances. The enrollment is non-transferable.

Note: We would be requiring a government issue ID proof before on boarding to this course. Failure to provide the same would result in forfeit of the course fee. Please do not try this. Rights of admission are reserved. The company reserves the right to terminate the enrollment if the rules are not followed. The following will be the refund amount

Fake IDs / invalid ID / Unsatisfactory background check – No Refund
Sharing / Resale of enrollment ID – No Refund
Termination for reasons other that those mentioned above
Up to 14 days of enrollment – 50% refund
Beyond 14 days of enrollment – No refund
All disputes will be subject to jurisdiction in the courts of Goa only.