How To Become Successful Day Trader & Short Term Trader With VWAP Indicator - Online Course

  • Start Date: Dec. 1, 2019, 9 a.m.
  • End Date: Dec. 1, 2020, 2 p.m.
  • Venue: Online
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VWAP Trading Applications In Day & Short Term Trading

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Duration Of Online Course is 9 Hours & Includes Two Back To Back Live sessions (19th & 20th November 2019).

Access To VWAP Trading Community

Once you finish this Online course, you get exclusive access to VWAP Trading community on Website where you can ask all your doubts and queries. You can also learn from charts and queries posted by others to learn further. The community section is updated on a regular basis which helps you learn these concepts further.


Price of this Training is set at Rs. 9999. Before the Convention Tickets got sold out, this was priced even higher. I would strongly encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel - Trade With Trend to see if our content delivers value for you. If you are convinced about my teachings, only then would I urge you to register for this course. I can assure you that after finishing this course, your way to Trade will change forever.

What You Will Learn In This Online Training

In this course, I am going to give out complete guidelines on how to become a Successful Day Trader & Short Term Trader. I will be discussing many concepts that I have not covered anywhere else and it will mainly revolve around Day trading & Short term trading.

Stock Selection & Its Importance

Stock Selection is one topic which is not covered in depth. I will be giving out a simple template to choose Stocks from Day trading & Short term trading point of view. I will also be explaining the Importance of maintaining a watch list and how you should create one. I will also be giving out my own list I track and how I update this every quarter.

Role Of Options & Identifying Low-Risk Entry Opportunities

I will be taking up Options data analysis for Day & Short term trading and I will also be covering how to identify low-risk opportunities. I will be covering Open Interest Analysis and its application in short term and day trading. Specific rules with respect to Identifying Trend, Defining Entry points and Identifying VWAP setups will be covered. I will be covering just one setup and will explain that in-depth.

How To Exit Positions

This is one more topic where Traders struggle and hence I will spend some time on this. Specific to the method I will discuss, I will cover 3 Exit strategies. Some of the methods I will cover have never been discussed by me on any medium.

Money Management & How You Should Proceed

In this section, I will discuss Money Management and Risk Management strategy. I will be covering Capital Requirements, Position Sizing, Scaling In and Scaling out strategy. I will also give out a roadmap on how you should proceed forward.

How Long Will It Take To Get Profitable

This will entirely depend on your hard work. My primary objective here is not to sell Online course or Training tickets and hence I will be honest about this. It usually takes 12 Months of practice to understand all nuances about a method. If you are looking for short cuts, I would advise against spending money on this course (Online & Offline).

Which Instruments Will Be Covered

Concepts discussed are applicable to Stocks, although this can easily be applied in Futures and Options as well. I believe in teaching low risk methods and hence I never advise any beginner to trade in Futures and Options market. Equities is much safer and I strongly recommend everyone to participate in this.

If you understand the Risk within F&O Segment, you can certainly ask Questions on the same with respect to what we discuss.

All your doubts post Online training will be answered for the next 4 Months.

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If you have questions, reach Anil (Co-ordinator) at <>

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