Train with SHAFI

Min 12,000

Doing exercises that are not meant to help you achieve your goals won't help you achieve your goals. There is a difference between Weight-loss Training, Fat-loss Training, Weight-gain Training, Endurance Training, Resistance Training and Strength training. And you need a good training plan customized with your goals in mind or a personal trainer to guide you throughout the process.

I can provide workouts suitable for both men & women to practice in your home, with or without equipment's. Or you can follow my workout plan in your gym.

YES! I charge for my services. I can't do it for free since i am feeding a family.

I charge ₹5000/- a month for online training through my Train with SHAFI app for Android & iOS devices. You get a Customized workout plan, a general diet plan with foods you love and workout videos to help you follow your training plan. This is a 30 days plan. Your workouts will be available on my training app and classes starts every Monday.

I Charge ₹5000/- a month for group classes. This includes me training you plus few other clients together in a place preferred by the clients. You can also refer or join with your friends to workout together. This includes a general diet plan with foods you love. This is a 30 days class and classes starts as soon as we get the required number of clients for group classes.

I charge ₹4000/- a month for a Customized Diet Plan (If you wish to reduce your weight only through Diet). I will deliver your meal plan through my training app for mobile and you will be able to track your food intake and calories burned too. This plan doesn't include toning and shaping. You need to choose Online training plan for that.

I charge ₹10000/- a month for One on One training, where i will train you personally at your place or a place that you prefer. And no not in a gym. I don't do freelancing in gyms. You also get a customized diet plan with foods you love. I will train you personally and will also provide you my app access so you can practice in my absence too. This is a 15 days in-person and 15 days online training plan. I will train you one day in-person and will train you online through my app the next day.

Normally in gyms & Fitness centers they charge ₹15000/- to ₹35000/- for One-on-One Personal training for 15-30 sessions.

So THINK before you LEAP.

NOTE: I want you to commit to yourself and me to achieve your training goals. So i charge for 3 months upfront for Online training, group training and One on One personal training.