TDA-550® Motorised Treadmill with 400m Track UI

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The TDA-550 motorised treadmill from Powermax Fitness is a great solution for getting a gym workout at home and office! The 4.0 HP Motor offers a smooth ride while the LCD display tracks your distance, time, speed, calories burned, heartbeat and fat measurement. The unique features and performance shown by this treadmill have attracted many customers.
Powermax Fitness TDA-550 4.0HP Motorized Treadmill with 400m Track UI
The Powermax Fitness TDA-550 Treadmill is an excellent piece of fitness equipment with a great set of features to provide you with a varied and challenging workout. The HRC Function and 12 different console programs ensure you are able to vary your workout each and every time you step on to the large 58.2” x 20.4” running deck. Coupled with the 20 levels of auto incline and top speed of 18km/h powered by a 4.0HP DC motor, you can challenge yourself on a number of ways to really boost your cardiovascular performance.

20 Level Auto Incline
Incline training burns calories at a remarkably faster pace than exercising on a traditional treadmill. Incline training is also excellent for muscle definition and toning the cardiovascular system.

8” Blue LCD Display
Features LCD display, a unique designed display, this treadmill provides easy to read experience. It shows Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Pulse and Incline.

400m Track UI
Train harder and smarter with the onboard 400m running track display which has been featured in all major athletics programme. This help you to train harder to achieve substantial speed endurance to sustain a fast speed over a whole lap.