UrbanTrek™ TD-A4 Motorised 100% Pre-Installed(TD-A4)

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Bring out inner athlete with the new UrbanTrek TD-A4 treadmill with top speed of 18km/hr powered by a 2.5 Horse Power HiTorque DC motor and 15% Auto incline, you can challenge yourself to take your fitness to the next level. UrbanTrek TD-A4 treadmill features meet modern technology so your exercise is quick, hassle free, convenient and most importantly, Fun!
Quality and Attraction
We are responsible for making the treadmill attractive.
You are responsible for making yourself attractive.
Simplified design yet beyond simplicity and the brick-shape body design show the gentle temperament of UrbanTrek TD-A4 treadmill. Ergonomic design makes the user feel comfortable and joy during the running time.

High-level Configuration
UrbanTrek TD-A4 treadmill is equipped with MCU from ST Microelectronics, LCD drive clip and touching key clip from Taiwan Company, IGBT LCD drive clip from Fairchild Semiconductor in US, static wire from BASF Germany and 2.5HP motor, which guarantees the quality of the hardware.

Safe & User-Friendly
UrbanTrek TD-A4 treadmill is very user-friendly, from walking to jogging to normal running, step by step, allowing you to better adapt to the running state. You can control the speed and stop the brake at any time on the LED control panel. The 1.2m magnetic line connecting the user to the treadmill, once pulled off the treadmill will stop quickly to protect the user's safety.

Plug & Run - Zero-Installation
The UrbanTrek TD-A4 comes to you pre-assembled in the carton. This new design feature means it’s ready for action - right out of the box! No fiddling with bolts or screws, Just Plug & Run.

Finger Point Heart Rate Monitoring
Get real-time data during the workout with built-in Pulse Sensor. Results let members know when they're in the ideal heart-healthy zone.