Premium Email Publication - Vignesh Ramakrishnan on Cars, by CarPal

₹ 1,500

Basic Details

This Premium publication is authored by Vignesh Ramakrishnan, CEO of CarPal. The fee mentioned covers a period of 1 (ONE) year.
Frequency : Fortnightly.
This translates to 24 issues sent to you in a period of one year. Effective cost per issue is Rs. 62.50 /- before taxes.

The heart of the matter

The content focus will be more impact oriented than quantity oriented. This Premium Publication by CarPal is for subscribers who enjoy impactful content about cars with a whole new approach that could possibly include :

  1. Upcoming cars and their impact in the segment they fall in.
  2. Deep analysis of new launches, their variants and immediate competition.
  3. Different trends and observation in the markets
  4. Broad level talks on technology in cars.
  5. Will always carry a 'What car?' section - this supporting form is also a part of this series where queries can be dropped. You can expect responses in 36 hours.
  6. Dialogues on industry updates, auto dealerships and OEMs.
  7. More (or less) - based on the feedback you give us.
  8. Credible (non-sponsored) guest stories/opinions.

Some modifications will be made based on relevance and interest.

What's in it for you

Exclusive content delivered right to your inbox that's worth your attention with a 'No noise, just the signal' thumb rule to information. All this put together in one cozy email sent to you every fortnight and an assured response to any queries that are put forth.


Subscribers are welcome to respond to emails with their questions and can expect to receive responses within 36 hours. Select questions' answers might also make it to the email content to address a larger audience.

A 'What car?' section sees vehicle recommendations for selected questions shared through the form.


If you are not happy with the content or do not find the series valuable, you can request for a refund (pro-rata).