Practical Approach to Ninjatrader 8 Platform

₹ 1,500

Day 01:

Module 1
-How to Download and Install Ninjatrader 8 Platform
-Datafeed Vendors and Data Manager
-Configuring Data Feed
-Advanced Charting Features in Ninjatrader 8
-Difference Between Ninjatrader 7 Vs Ninjatrader 8

Module 2
-Custom Renko Charts, Equivolume Charts in Ninjatrader 8
-Applying Different Timeframes & Timing Template usage
-How to Import Custom Ninjatrader 8 Indicators
-Indicators Vs Strategies in Ninjatrader
-Understanding Workspace & Templates
-Drawing Tools in Ninjatrader

Module 3
-Ninjatrade Database
-Importing Historical Data into Ninjatrader
-Exporting Historical CSV data into Ninjatrader
-Importing Metastock database into Ninjatrader

Module 4
-What is Ninjascript?
-How to use NinjaEditor?

Day 02:

Module 5
-Ninjatrader Virtual Account Simulator
-How to Create and Manage Virtual Accounts
-Ninjatrader Playback simulations

Module 6
-How to use Market Analyzer
-How to Create your own Market Analyzer
-How to configure Alerts in Market Analyzer
-How to create templates for Market Analyzer

Module 7
-How to use Time & Sales Data in Ninjatrader
-How to use Strategy Builder and Strategy Analyzer in NT8
-How to Backtesting Trading Strategies in Ninjatrader

Module 8
-What is ATM Modules in Ninjatrader 8
-How to use ATM Modules and How to Work with Virtual Accounts