Quantzilla Advanced

  • Start Date: Aug. 24, 2020, 6 p.m.
  • End Date: Sept. 4, 2020, 9 p.m.
  • Venue: ONLINE (For more details, contact us 8105797152)
₹ 17,500

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 1

What is Quant Trading?
How Amibroker can be used for Automated Trading
Basics of Amibroker Features
Understanding Tick Charts Vs Minute Charts and Range Bar Charts
Different Types of Automated Trading

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 2

Learn to Code Trading Strategies using Amibroker
How to Design a Trading System
Creating an Intraday Breakout Trading System using Amibroker
Creating a Position Breakout Trading System using Amibroker
How to Send automated Orders using Amibroker

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 3

How to Create Bracket Order & Cover Order Trading Strategies.
How to trail the stoploss using Order Modification Trading Strategies.
How to Create Pair Trading Strategies using Amibroker

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 4

Implementing Slicing of Orders in Amibroker for Large Orders
Introduction to Slippages and Slippage Handling with Algos
Strategy Optimization, Walk forward and Monte Carlo

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 5

Option Basic Terminologies
Option Payoff Graph
Options Pricing
How to Send Option Orders using Futures/Spot Charts

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 6

Understanding Options Greeks
Understanding Vertical Spreads, Calendar & Diagonal Spreads
Automatic Scalping the Spreads.

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - 7

Scalping the Spreads using Amibroker
How to Create an Expiry Day Automated Scalping System using Amibroker.
How to Create Multi Legged Option Trading Strategies

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 8

Portfolio Trading Strategies
How to select Portfolio of stocks
Evaluating portfolio & strategy performance
Risk Management: Risk evaluation & mitigation, risk control systems
Position Sizing & Kelly Criterion

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 9

How to Implement Straddle & Strangle using Amibroker
How to Implement Gamma Scalping using Amibroker

Quantzilla Execution Strategies - Module 10

How to Implement Automated Butterfly & Iron Condors using Amibroker
How to Implement Hedged Futures Trading Strategy
What is an Options Trading Adjustment
How to Implement Option Trading Adjustments
Best Trading & Coding Practices