Digital and Social Media Marketing (250+ MCQ) For AKTU Semester Exam

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Digital and Social Media Marketing (250+ MCQ) For AKTU Semester Exam

I Introduction to Digital Marketing: The new digital world - trends that are driving shifts from traditional marketing practices to digital marketing practices, the modern digital consumer and new consumer’s digital journey. Marketing strategies for the digital world-latest practices

II Social Media Marketing -Introduction to Blogging, Create a blog post for your project. Include headline, imagery, links and post, Content Planning and writing. Introduction to Face book, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest; their channel advertising and campaigns

III Acquiring & Engaging Users through Digital Channels: Understanding the relationship between content and branding and its impact on sales, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, and social-media marketing. Marketing gamification, Online campaign management; using marketing analytic tools to segment, target and position; overview of search engine optimization (SEO)

IV Designing Organization for Digital Success: Digital transformation, digital leadership principles, online P.R. and reputation management. ROI of digital strategies, how digital marketing is adding value to business, and evaluating cost effectiveness of digital strategies

V Digital Innovation and Trends: The contemporary digital revolution, digital transformation framework; security and privatization issues with digital marketing Understanding trends in digital marketing – Indian and global context, online communities and co-creation,