Network Analysis and Synthesis Hand Written Notes

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Graph Theory:
Pre- Requisites: Basic circuital law, Mesh & Nodal analysis.
Importance of Graph Theory in Network Analysis, Graph of a network, Definitions, planar &Non-
Planar Graphs, Isomorphism, Tree, Co Tree, Link, basic loop and basic cutset, Incidence matrix, Cut
set matrix, Tie set matrix, Duality, Loop and Nodal methods of analysis.
Unit II
AC Network Theorems (Applications to dependent & independent sources):
Pre- Requisites: Concepts of DC Network Theorems, Electrical Sources&Basic circuital law.
Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s theorem, Norton’s theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem,
Reciprocity theorem. Millman’s theorem, Compensation theorem, Tellegen’s Theorem.
Unit III
Transient Circuit Analysis:
Pre- Requisites: Laplace Transform& Concept of Initial conditions.
Natural response and forced response, Transient response andsteady state response for arbitrary
inputs (DC and AC), Evaluation of time response both through classical and Laplace methods.
Unit IV
Network Functions:
Pre- Requisites: Concept of basic circuital law, parallel, series circuits.
Concept of complex frequency, Transform impedances network functions of one port and two port
networks, Concept of poles and zeros, Properties of driving point and transfer functions. Two Port
Networks- Characterization of LTI two port networks; Z, Y,ABCD, A’B’C’D’, g and h parameters,
Reciprocity and symmetry, Inter-relationships between the parameters, Inter-connections of two port
networks, Ladder and Lattice networks: T & Π representation, terminated two Port networks, Image
Unit V
(a)Network Synthesis:
Pre- Requisites: Laplace Transform, Concept of immittance functions.
Positive real function; definition and properties, Properties of LC, RC and RL driving point
functions, Synthesis of LC, RC and RL driving point immittance functions using Foster and Cauer
first and second forms.
(b) Filters
Pre- Requisites: Concept of Passive & active elements.
Image parameters and characteristics impedance, Passive and active filter fundamentals, Low pass
filters, High pass (constant K type) filters, Introduction to active filters.