UrbanFarmer Aquaponica Jr

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Aquaponica Jr. is a miniature aquaponics setup for kids to learn the science behind aquaponics while having unlimited fun with their close knit ecosystem with a single betta fish and plants. The set-up can also be used to grow single or more servings of microgreens or a single plant (decorative or edible) by aquaponics enthusiasts.

Key features

  1. Included in the kit- One small betta bowl, Top, Gravel for the bowl and Growbed, Air Pump (with extra tubes), exclusive UrbanFarmer custom designed Growbed which is a blend of flood and drain, continuous flow and aerated base systems, seeds and cotton pad for the Bed.
  2. Designed exclusively for Betta fish which is available in all pet shops.
  3. Self-cleaning with no drips and clutter. May require partial water change once in few months. Regular maintenance involves only feeding the fish and top up water refill based on evaporation as and when required
  4. Can be kept on coffee tables, kitchen tops or any small place where there is good lighting.
  5. Looks amazing, goes with all décor and brings lively ambience to any room!