Varta Mitra

Connect Mitra Membership Fees


Connect Mitra Membership provides you with the following benefits

  1. Get listed on ConnectMitra website and showcase all your products and Services and generate leads for your business
  2. Connect with other members for your purchase needs and get it at a special discounted rate.
  3. Get Invitation to Participate in Events, Forums and other conferences and programmes that ConnectMitra organizes or collaborates just for you (additional Participation charges will apply and will be based on type of participation and type of programme and events)

Discounted Price: Rs. 6,000+GST = Rs. 7080 (Actual Rs. 12,000+GST)

1. GST chargeable extra (You can enter your GSTN while giving your details to claim Input GST benefits)
2. First Year Membership is given at a Discounted price of Rs. 6,000+GST only (50% discount). Second year onwards if you choose to continue, the price shall be as actuals i.e. Rs. 12,000+GST.
3. If your business is in Bangalore and your area has a locality chapter, then you shall be part of the locality meets of that area. You shall have to pay the locality meeting fees as per the guidelines set for that particular locality. The meeting fees may change from place to place, based on the place where the meeting is held. For details about meetings in your area, refer to Locality Meets section in