iDiwali - Interactive Diwali Story and Activity Book

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Diwali is a first of its kind interactive story and activity book.
An amazing array of fun-packed Diwali activities – story telling, coloring, math, crafts, tracing, stickers and more. Something for all ages.
iDiwali book includes the summarized story of Ramayana in 10 chapters with diyactvities and stickers in each chapter. In addition to the story, there are 8 Diwali experience activities including card stock and stickers to make your own Diwali greetings, diy Diwali lantern and all aspects of Diwali experience activities – food, gifts, firewroks, rangoli, lights and diya. Oodles of sensational Diwali stickers.
An experience and engaging Diwali book which will be treasured by kids of all ages. The younger kids participate with assistance and the older kids can work on it on their own.