12th Standard Applied Electronics Notes (Subject: C2)

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    These notes are the part of our 12th std. Electronics Complete Notes Set
    (Subject: C2 i.e. Bifocal Electronics)
    Fully revised as per 2018 revision of HSC Board Syllabus.
    The author of this notes teaches this subject since 28 years.

    Chapters-wise Content of this Notes

    This paper covers 50 Marks out of 100 marks of theory. Check detailed marking scheme on this link of our website.

    Chapter-1, Instruments: CRT, CRO, function generator, DMM
    Chapter-2, DC Power Supplies: HWR, FWR, BR, filters, regulators, 3-terminal ICs
    Chapter-3, Transducers: active/passive transducers, 9 different types of transducers
    Chapter-4, Operational Amplifiers: differential amplifier, characteristics of opamp, why dual power supply is necessary, parameters of opamp, inverting/non-inverting amplifier, adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, buffer, comparator, Schmitt trigger, etc.
    Chapter-5, Modern Electronics Communication: elements of communication system, satellite comm., WAN, MAN, LAN; optical fiber comm., facsimile FAX, Cell phone technology, RADAR communication, etc.
    Chapter-6, Study of Integrated Circuits: complete study of IC 555, IC 741 and IC LM 317.

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