12th Standard Electronics Complete Notes Set (Subject: C2)

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    This set contains following complete study material useful for the study of 12th standard bifocal electronics. These notes are written by Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar who is teaching this subject in RLT College of Science, Akola since last 30 years.

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    Each notes in this set, contains chapter-wise syllabus given at the beginning of each chapter and full exercises including MCQ, short answer questions, long answer questions, conceptual study questions at the end.

    The contents of this set are as follows:

    Paper-1 Contents (Applied Electronics)
    DC Power supplies
    Operational amplifiers
    Modern electronics communication
    Study of integrated circuits

    Paper-2 Contents (Digital Electronics)
    Digital Electronics Notes
    Number systems
    Logic gates
    Logic families
    Combinational logic circuits
    Flipflops, Registers & Counters
    Analog to digital and digital to analog converters
    Computer fundamentals

    HSC Board Paper Solutions: Perfect Answers
    It is most helpful for the students of 12th bifocal (vocational) electronics. It contains the edited, logically thought and systematic solutions, according to Board pattern, for all questions asked in last 5 years HSC Board exam question papers.
    Neatly drawn diagrams are also included. I suggest the students to remember and write the labels within the diagrams wherever applicable because the labels in the diagrams create good impression on the valuer and helps understanding of the topic that what exactly the student wants to express!

    It is the BEST SELLER BOOK since last 5 years. We sell about 2000 copies, every year. The HSC Board Paper Solutions, PERFECT ANSWERS is only for Paper-1 i.e. for Applied Electronics. We do not provide such paper solutions for Paper-2 i.e. Digital Electronics. It is simple paper, so no need for paper solutions.

    Other Useful Material
    Solved/unsolved problems booklet - Paper-1 (Clean printed copy, without colored frontpage)
    Practical booklet Paper-1 (Clean printed copy, without colored frontpage)
    Practical Booklet Paper-2 (Clean printed copy, without colored frontpage)

    The practical booklets covering important experiments with readings, circuit diagrams, procedure, observation tables, brief theory, specifications of components used, etc.

    Note: The author of these notes insists to buy this set along with 11th Electronics Notes.

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    Watch the video lectures of the author on different topics from 12th electronics syllabus.

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