Distance Learning Course AVR Robotics

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Learn robotics at home! This course includes complete robotics kit of ATMega16, multipurpose Development Board, IR sensors, sound sensor, USBasp programmer, motors, wheels, chasis, complete course book, variety of ready made projects folders directly opening in AVR Studio 4. Contain carefully tested source codes, along with systematic notes. Full technical support for one month during your study period. What else do you need in the comforts of your home!


Distance learning AVR Robotics course is designed in such a way that any student from 7th standard onward can learn it just in the comforts of the home!

This course is taken by hundrends of students across the country and achieved best skill in fundamentals of robotics.

After learning this course, you will be able to write your own codes as per your logical requirement in basic AVR microcontroller and create your own beautiful projects.

Course Book Content

Fundamentals of AVR microcontroller ATMega16
Binary and hexadecimal fundamentals and their conversions
Learning the architecture of ATMega16 dev. board
Learning the basics of C programming language
Learning the use of AVR Studio 4 application in robotics
How to write your first code in robotics?
Compile the code
Burning the code into microcontroller
Testing the robotic kit as per the program
Writing higher level logic programs guide
How to write multi pattern blinking LEDs?
How to write forward/backward motion of robot?
How to use IR sensors to take decisions?
How to write black line following code?
How to write white line following code?
Logic behind obstacle avoiding code
Logic of edge avoiding code
How to use different sensors with our kit
DTMF sensor code
Sound sensor code

Guide to prepare for learning higher robotics codes of robotic arm, home automation system, etc.

The development board of ATMega16 given with this kit, is multipurpose board and can be used for advanced robotics like Bluetooth controlling, DTMF controlling, Remote controlled robotic arm, etc.

With this course, you will be given with the access of AVR Studio 4 software, the perfect USBasp burner application, drivers for Windows 8/10, and carefully tested ready made source codes for your kit.

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