Ready-to-Execute B2B Lead Generation Plan for Startups

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This B2B lead generation plan for Startups document serves as ready-to-execute and no-nonsense digital marketing plan (this is not an e-book) for startups who are looking to generate realistic Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in the next 3 months from the time of executing it.

Think of it as a plan created by a Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Specialist with over 7 years of experience. Because it is.

My Name is Vishal S Sirur

I am a full-stack digital marketing professional and intermediate product manager with cross-industry experience of working with 15+ brands across multiple domains, both B2B and B2C – digital marketing, product management, product marketing, business development and business transformation consulting.

So, you can not only take my word, but you can contact me for legitimacy and advise. Details at the bottom.

Get this plan if you are:

  1. A startup who is looking to generate leads online
  2. A startup who to increase the number of leads or refine the quality of incoming leads
  3. A small and medium company who is looking to explore ideas on better marketing techniques

This plan gives you ground reality inputs/ template on:

  1. Defining your goals
  2. Defining your Target Market
  3. Setups to execute Marketing Channels to get the leads rolling
  4. Database Acquisition hacks
  5. LinkedIn Marketing hacks
  6. Online Advertising - Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, LinkedIn Ads
  7. Advertising Spend and Budgeting Estimations (excel sheet)
  8. Activity-Result projections for each and every marketing channel
  9. Tools Required and setup
  10. Lead Generation and Nurturing Process

Most suited for Technology Solution Providers (Startups, small and medium companies)

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