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Iti Nazrul (Questz World)

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'Iti Nazrul' — the first-of-its-kind compilation, released by Questz World, conceptualized by Somerita Mallik, presented by Chhayanat (Kolkata), consists of 57 lesser-known letters written by Kazi Nazrul Islam, now read by 41 eminent artistes from both the Bengals. This unique album (Total Playtime: Over 5 Hours), published by Swagato Gangopadhyay, is the most comprehensive venture on the written letters by Kazi Nazrul Islam. It is also released and sold as 'Shrutibhashyo' by Kabi Nazrul Institute (Bangladesh).

For more details about this product and all other Nazrul-related CD/DVD products (released by Questz World), please visit the exclusive website located at https://www.nazrul.in any time.