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Jana-Ajana Nazrul (Questz World)

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Questz World proudly presents 'Jana-Ajana Nazrul' — an audio-biography, based on Kazi Nazrul Islam's life and his creativities, conceptualized & directed by Somerita Mallik, presented by Chhayanat (Kolkata), and published by Swagato Gangopadhyay. It is written by the eminent Nazrul-researcher, Chairman of Bangladesh's Kabi Nazrul Institute and National Professor Dr. Rafiqul Islam. The narration (around 95 minutes) was done by two well-known elocutionists — Sumantra Sengupta & Madhumita Basu.

For more details about this product and all other Nazrul-related CD/DVD products (released by Questz World), please visit the exclusive website located at https://www.nazrul.in any time.