Husband's Guide for Pregnancy Planning

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1st Time in India, a Guide for Husbands to help them prepare for Pregnancy. NOW, You will be able to support your Wife and help her reduce her anxiety with Pregnancy Process.

This Guide is developed by a Panel of Doctors and Experts focusing on the

5 Pillars of Pregnancy Planning

(1) Health
(2) Fitness
(3) Nutrition
(4) Career
(5) Finance

The Guide is 50 Pages, Compact with Checklists, Quizzes, FAQ's, Goal Sheets, Budgets, Timelines and much more across all 5 pillars of pregnancy planning.

What will you get?

(1) 50 pages, Notepad Sized Booklet for ease of writing notes

(2) Can be done on a weekend :)
(3) Will help you create YOUR PERSONAL PLAN & Prepare you for Pregnancy as a Couple

This guide is designed for Husbands. Obviously, Pregnancy is a Couples Journey. There are aspects of Pregnancy and Conception Planning where both Husband and Wife are involved.

This GUIDE helps HUSBAND Understand their Role, Plan across various aspects of both lives and be the BEST PARTNER to your wife during pregnancy.

For more information on the Book, you can visit our WannabeParents Website