Packaged Drinking Water Plant Certificate Course (Digital version)

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Packaged Drinking Water Plant-Certificate Version Course.

What is Certificate Version of Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training course?
It is created for those who want some kind of self evaluation and wish to be certified by us.

What is the use of certificate?
With Certificate you can be assured that you are fully equipped with the primary knowledge of Packaged Drinking Water Business.

If you required; you can produce this at relevant institutions. We, being quite an experienced organization in this field; have created and designed it in such a manner that you as a student will be fully ready and execute your Packaged Drinking Water Plant your way, but with top quality standards.

What are the contents of the course?
The content is similar to the Digital Version & the Printed version; however the certificate Version is not delivered you a front. It will be available to you in ‘Modules’, every module will be available only after you complete the learning of the previous module.

After each module there are questions to be answered by the student. Thus student can track their progress.

Are there any grades?
Yes, the minimum passing percentage is 50. However after the first attempt you will be given a second attempt with a correct answer to your wrongly answered questions. This is mainly designed to educate the student and make him perfectly ready as an educated entrepreneur in Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

When do you get certificate?
There is no duration to this exam. It may take one day or one month as per your readiness.

Who conducts this exam?
It has been carefully designed and created by veterans in this field and conducted by Mineral Water Project Information.

Where is the exam?
There is no physical place. You have to attend it from online.

How can you take an admission?
Just follow the payment method and once your payment is realized, we will depute you a ‘Link’ in your email box to logon. That’s all…!


Newly Added Content from Jan-2018

  1. Detailed Costing Sheets for 2000, 5000LPH Plants & 20 LTR Jar plant

  2. Training Video for Studying the cost sheets

  3. Video Training to incorporate Smart Marketing Techniques.

  4. Facebook Training Videos- 16 Videos

  5. Google Ads Training Ebook- 140 Pages

Training 1 :-

How to Decide Product Mix :-

This Training consists of 3 Videos and a Document Template on doing a Survey to Decide your

Product Mix :-

Video :- Survey Part -1 : How to do Survey of Market with Minimum Cost
Video :- Survey Part 2 - How to find ISI License Status of your Competitors
Video :- Survey Part 3 - How to Interpret Survey Results & Decide your ultimate Product Mix.

Documents : Excel Sheet to enter results into.
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 2 :-

How to Analyse Water & Do Water Testing :-

This training consists of a Video which will educate you on:-

How to Check & Test the Available Water WITHOUT going to a Laboratory

How to check the available quantity of water - whether it is sufficient or not.

Documents : Ideal TDS Level Reference Chart
Blank Chart to record TDS for your Water Sample
Blank Chart to record your Water Availability
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 3:-

How to Specify Machinery to Suppliers

This Training consists of a Video Training How to calculate your Plant Capacity and specifying the machinery to the market suppliers for giving estimates.

Documents : Machinery Flow Chart
Dimensions Chart
10-Point Checklist to shortlist Suppliers
List of Categoriwise Sorted Suppliers
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 4:-

How to Prepare the Machinery Chart

This Training consists of a Video Training on how you can prepare your final Machinery Chart
from the details collected from Market. It also has detailed Machinery Specifications we use.

Documents : Excel Sheet Template for Machinery Chart
Detailed Specifications for 1000, 2000 & 5000 LPH Ideal Plant.
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 5:-

How to prepare your Plant Layout yourself

This training consists of a Video Training on how you can prepare your Plant Layout. This decides actually how much Shed & Open Area you require.

Documents : Sample Plant Layout
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 6:-

How to get Other Quotes besides Machinery

This Training has a video Training to educate you on what are the other cost elements besides your Plant specific machines, and how you can get estimates for those.

Documents : Blank Excel Sheet to enter Other Elements
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 7:-

How to Carry out Pre Plant Inspection

This training consists of a Video Training to train you on how to check & finally verify the

plant location prior to establishment. This is also helpful in inspecting an Old Plant as well.

It also consists of the report templates we use.

It also has a full set of ISI Files on the BIS portal.

Documents : Inspection Report Template
Observations Template
ISI Files ( 14 Files Set)
Audio MP3 of the Video Training