FedEx Franchise Dealership - Investment,Profit & Online Approval Guide

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Why FedEX Franchise?
FedEx is a international brand
You get maximum business support from them
All training are provided by the franchise team
FedEx affiliate program lets you earn good commission
Simple franchise interface with zero risk

FedEx the package delivery giant was founded in by Fred Smith who still serves as the company's executive chairman president and CEO FedEx operates in four segments those being FedEx Express that expound FedEx Freight and FedEx services the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange where it is traded on the Dow Industrials and S&P; indexes under the ticker symbol FDX, in fact in FedEx became the first company in the u.s. to report billion dollars in revenue within ten years of start-up.

FedEx sees the three major areas where growth and revenues can come from the first is expanding its foreign domestic and international Express business this makes complete sense because in the domestic Express business they are unrivaled and have a reputation for providing very reliable service. If they can leverage the reputation and fleet of aircraft worldwide they can quickly expand the size of their business which is also a smart move as the margins are higher than with any other segments just a decade ago. Therefore starting a business or taking FedEx franchise is a lucrative business.

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