Of Blood And Ink (Anthology Book 1)

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'Of Blood and Ink' is a compilation of ten exciting, and diverse short stories of people and places bound together by the spills of destiny. The anthology speaks of the mind-numbing pathos of fictional characters who have drowned deep in the valleys of blood and ink.

A magician, a writer and a lover engulfed in the pathos of destiny. A working woman trapped in the dilemma of a choice. A programmer discovering elements unknown. An escape from the chords of a bully. A book and its journey closetted in the pages of many lives. A woman who discovers the goodness of the world. A pick-pocket who gets stuck in the spiral of a vicious trap. A little girl, discovering her life, all at one go. A regular political contender with a twisted plan. A dog, a couple and a vacation that changes everything!

Each story in the book speaks of the journey of a life (or lives) in the most distinctly amazing ways possible. Each story is a short novel in itself. Each story is distinct, spell-binding and page-turning in its own sweet way. And each story is connected to another by the integral obsessive elements - Blood and Ink. All the authors of the book are bound to each other not just in the conundrum of friendship but also as a group that gets together every weekend and says 'Let's write now, shall we?'.