1979-2015 Geography Optional Questions of Last 37 years

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Repeated question in 2015 Mains Geography Optional
1. Describe the characteristics of different types of pelagic deposits.(2015)
Q. Present the classification of Oceanic deposits and account for the origin, types and
distribution of Pelagic deposits in the World Oceans. (1980)
Q. Pelagic deposits(1985)
Q. Pelagic deposits(2004)
Q. Discuss the different bases for classifying the ocean deposits and give a detailed
account of pelagic deposits of the oceans. (2006)
2. What is Potential Evapotranspiration? Explain how it is used in assessing the water balance in an
Q. Potential evapotranspiration (2004)
3. Discuss the basis of Koppen’a climatic classification. Bring out the silent characteristics of “Cs” type of
Q Discuss the main features of the climatic classification system evolved by Koppen. Also point out its
Q. Evaluate the Koppean's scheme of climatic regionalization of India.(1988)
Q. Compare the basis of the climatic classification of Koppea with that,of Thornthwaite's classification
4. How does climate change affect the- process of desertification of India? (2015)
Q. Analyse the causes of desertification in India. Represent the desertified areas of the
country on a sketch map and suggest remedial measures to control it (2011)
Q. Desertification and its preventive measures (1986)
Q. Desertification as an environmental hazards (2008)
5. Decentralized planning through the strengthening of the Panchayat system is the focus of planning in
India in recent times. Suggest a blueprint for an integrated regional development plan.(2015)
Q. Critically examine the Panchayati Raj setup.(2007)
Q. Discuss Panchayati Raj as a measure of decentralized planning in India.(2005)
6.Explain how change in land use can promote eco-development at different levels in the country. (In
about 150 words)2015
Q. How has an inappropriate urban land use policy accounted for undesirable development in and
around metropolitan cities(2014)

Ask People who wrote mains , the importance of even 1 question , here you can see multiple questions are repeated .
This is Just A partial Research Of A few Keywords of One Year 2015 . Questions were repeated in 2014, 13,12,11 etc .