1979-2015 Sociology Optional Questions of Last 37 years[YearWise]

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Repeated Question in UPSC Mains Sociology Optional 2015
1.Discuss the role of Calvinist ethic in the development of Capitalism.
Taking clue from Weber’s analysis of the role of Calvinist ethics in the rise of mature
capitalism, discuss the relative impact of (a) economic conditions, and (b) values and
ideas, on social change.(1979
2..What are variables? Discuss their role in experimental research.(2015)
a. Give conceptual meaning of social system. What is cognitive conson ance between ‘pattern’
variables’ and ‘paradigm’? (2011)
b. Social System and the Pattern Variables(2003)
c. Pattern variables(1998)
d.“Social Action and Pattern variables (1981)
3.Which concepts did Weber use to analyse the forms of legitimate domination?
a. Differentiate between Maxian and Weberian theories of Social stratification(2015)
b. Discuss the Marxian theory of class as criticized by Weber.(1979)
c. Discuss the utility of Max Weber’s ideal type as a methodological tool. Explain how
d. Weber uses the ideal type procedure to depict the authority patterns.(1982)
e.Attempt a comparative analysis of the Weberian and Marxian theories of social
change. Which do you think is more relevant to the Indian society at present? Give
reasons for your answer.(1988)
(25 ore questions on Weber)
4.“Self and society are twin-born ” Examine the statement of Mead.(2015)
a. Mead’s notion of self(2008)
b. critically analyze the contributions of g.h. mead to ‘symbolic interactionism (2010)
c.critically analyse the contributions of G.H. Mead to ‘symbolic interactionism’. (2013)
d.Using Mead’s theory of symbolic interactionism, discuss the stages in the formation of gender
identity.10 marks(2014)
5. Discuss B.R. Ambedkar as a wise democrat. (2015)
(Question on Ambedkar)
What are the main features of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s views on annihilation of caste(2013)
7..Distinguish between Political Parties and Pressure (2014)
(Question on pressure group in 1982,1984 ,1993,2000,2003,2008 and 2013)