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Repeated Question in 2015 Public Administration
1. Waldo’s The Administrative State’ provides a fundamental challenge to some of the orthodox
premises. Explain(2015)
Q.The essence of New Public Administration is ―some sort of movement in
the direction of normative theory, philosophy, social concern and activism.‖
(Waldo) (1989)
Q.Waldo speaks of the fears of F.M. Marx that Public administration has
grown so board, and so much is involved at its periphery that it stand ―In
danger of disappearing completely as a recognizable focus of study.(1993)
2. “Contemporary Organisational theory seems further afield of Chester Barnard’s Functions of the
Executive than of organisational ecology.” Examine the statement in the light of ecological elements in
Barnard’s thought(2015)
Q.Why is it that the behavioural approach to the study of organisations is a continuous phenomenon ?
Discuss Chester Barnard's contributions to this approach.(1998)
3. Do you think that the functioning of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), in practice, reflects genuine
devolution of powers and resources? Give reasons for your answer
Q. do you think that the role of Panchayati Raj should go beyond development Administration? Give
reasons for your answer.(2014)
Q.The discussion of the official-non-official relationship in Panchayati Raj in terms of mutual goodwill,
understanding and a bonhomie without a careful analysis of the structural relationship of the Panchyati
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