Mind Power Mastery - Advanced

₹ 19,999

About Mind Power Mastery Course

Our mind can create wonderful things -- if we know how to use that power and how to send the right messages to our subconscious mind.

Most people don't know how to do this. We do not use even half the capacity of mind. Continuous thoughts create impulses on the subconscious mind and influence our personality.

Thus, mind power and subconscious mind work together and mould your reality. Our Mind Mastery program will help you the same in the right way.

You can Programme your Mind for:

Goal achievement
Peak performance
Soul nourishment
Stress elimination

Benefits From Mind Power Mastery Course

  1. Undergo complete reprogramming of thought patterns geared towards success
  2. Achieve goals faster by performing at your highest potential
  3. Heals relationships
  4. You can change your belief & thought patterns.
  5. Be in total control of your life
  6. Learn how to attract more wealth in your life
  7. You will be able to set and achieve your goal and can turn dreams into reality
  8. Maintain harmonious relationships at work & home
  9. Helps to identify and remove obstacles from your life
  10. You will be able to solve your problems and find opportunities for them.
  11. You will be able to control your stress and achieve mental harmony.
  12. Helps overcome rejections and failures
  13. Learn how to find the best solutions to all your problems
  14. Get rid of your fears, self-defeating habits & beliefs
  15. Goal setting and achieving the goals through mind leveraging
  16. Focused attention and greater success

Course curriculum

Introduction to Mind Power Mastery
Chapter 1 – Sharp & Smart Work
Chapter 2- Power of Conscious Mind
Chapter 3 – Power of Subconscious Mind
Chapter 4 - Steps to Our Own Programming
Chapter 5 - My Life Plan
Chapter 6 – Healing and Other Techniques
Materials to Download
Relaxation - Audio Files Download