Yoga for Stress, Health and Fitness Plus Meditation BluePrint

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This is a Course Cover Yoga for General Health , Stress Blue Print Covers
Introduction about yoga,stress and Practical tools and technique to get balance at physical, Mental and Spiritual Levels and will not only give you theory knowledge but
will introduce tools and technique to Start the Yoga Journey
This Course will help you to be Stress free and Healthy and Even loose Weight
1 Learn asanas with right technique step by step With Easy to Follow instructions
2 Pranayama Technique Guided step by step
3 Suryanamaskar Technique and Practicals Included and Detailed Benefits Explained
3 Guided Meditation Sessions
4 We have Module format Sessions you need to Follow step by Step Instructions are there on Screen and you also see and Hear
5 Understanding stress and How to tackle with yoga Tools and Technique
6 This Course will not only help to Loose Weight but will also manage your Mental and Spiritual Health
7 Practical with right technique and instructions to avoid Common Mistakes
Why Continuity and regular practice a must for results
8 Free Upgrades in the Addition of Modules so that you always Progress
9 Bonus Course Meditation and Pranic Healing Mastery Value 3999
10 One month free Access Value 1999