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Becoming Meditative - A Sadhguru Wisdom Course (Launch offer)

Min ₹ 399

Becoming Meditative is an online course derived from Sadhguru's wisdom

This course is an independent initiative by Yog Prachar and not offered officially from Isha Foundation

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What you'll learn

🔹 It will help you take first step towards Meditation
🔸 Bring clarity and balance by understanding fundamentals of life
🔹 Learn the root cause of stress, anxiety and suffering and how to overcome it to live a truly peaceful, joyful and exuberant life

🔸 Take charge of your experience of life and learn to be unaffected by unpleasant people and situations
🔹 Learn to live a deeply content and fulfilled life
🔸 Get insights and tools to unfold your genius and live life at your full potential

🔹 Learn Isha Kriya: a simple yet potent 12 - minute meditation designed by Sadhguru for overall well-being
🔸 Understand the science behind meditation
🔹 Get more clarity on what is spirituality and ultimate goal of all sadhana (spiritual practice) and how it is the answer to all your problems in life

🔸 Learn about pitfalls and traps in meditation journey and how to avoid it to make fast progress

This course has potential to transform your life if you implement the insights and tools shared

As Sadhguru says, a world full of love, light and laughter, Let us make it happen!

See you inside the course :)

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