Learn complete Digital Marketing with Digital Deepak [LIFETIME Online Access to 11 Online Trainings + Certifications]

₹ 3,997

Collection of ALL modules of Digital Marketing in one bundle.

Course 1: SEO Mastery [Rs.1,999]
Course 2: Google Ads Mastery [Rs.1,999]
Course 3: Facebook Ads Mastery [Rs.2,999]
Course 4: Email Marketing Mastery [Rs.3,999]
Course 5: Social Media Mastery [Rs.2,999]
Course 6: Analytics Mastery [Rs.1,999]
Course 7: Affiliate Marketing Mastery [Rs.1,999]
Course 8: Content Marketing Mastery [Rs.1,999]
Course 9: Zapier Marketing Mastery [Rs.1,999]
Course 10: 100 Day Blogging Course [Rs.4,999]
Course 11: The Product Launch Mastery [Rs.4,999]

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