Learn Content Writing + Marketing with SANJAY SHENOY's Content Marketing Mastery Program (LIFETIME Access + Support + Certification)

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Learn Everything You Need To Become A Content Writer And Content Marketer

This Course Is A Result Of 10,000 Hours Of Hard Work. It’s The Result Of Learning, Applying, Measuring, Improving, Breathing, And Living Content Marketing For The Last 5 Years.

It’s The Same Process I Follow To Create And Promote Content For My Clients And Me. It’s The Same Process That Has Generated Millions Of Traffic, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Leads And Conversions.

And You Could Access It, Learn It And Become A Content Writer And Marketer. You Don’t Have To Spend 10000 Hours To Do It. You Don’t Have To Go Through The Rollercoaster Ride As I Did. You Don’t Have To Struggle For Hours To Find The Idea Or Write It. You Don’t Have To Wait For Days Or Weeks Before Someone Finds Your Content.

You Don’t Have Live By Trial And Error. You Don’t Have To Go Through Those Pains. Because I’ve Done The Hard Work. And I’ve Made It Easy. All You Need Is To Follow "The Content Marketing Mastery" course.


  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results?
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights?
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words?
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties? & much more…

Length: 5 hours

Lesson 1 (Overview 1) available at:
Lesson 2 (Overview 2) available at:

You will gain LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and the following videos are included :

Lesson 1 - Setting Goals & Objectives
Lesson 2 - Understanding Your Audience
Lesson 3 - Finding Your Voice
Lesson 4 - Coming up with Content Ideas
Lesson 5 - Choosing the Right Content Ideas
Lesson 6 - How to Research & Structure your Content
Lesson 7 - Crafting Killer Headlines
Lesson 8 - Writing Intriguing Intros
Lesson 9 - How to Structure Paragraphs
Lesson 10 - How to Write Crisper & Tighter Sentences
Lesson 11 - How to Use Better Yet Simple Words
Lesson 12 - Basics of Grammar
Lesson 13 - How to Use Images and Multimedia to Spice up Your Content
Lesson 14 - How NOT to Sound like a Non-Native Writer
Lesson 15 - Tools to Make Writing Easier
Lesson 16 - Mapping Your Customer Journey
Lesson 17 - Different Types of Content
Lesson 18 - Different Formats of Content
Lesson 19 - Content Repurposing
Lesson 20 - Content Distribution - Facebook
Lesson 21 - Content Distribution - Linkedin
Lesson 22 - Content Distribution - YouTube
Lesson 23 - Content Distribution - Twitter
Lesson 24 - Content Distribution - Quora
Lesson 25 - Content Distribution - Forum
Lesson 26 - Content Distribution - Email Marketing
Lesson 27 - Content Distribution - Content Syndication
Lesson 28 - Content Distribution - Guest Posting
Lesson 29 - Content Distribution - Pinterest
Lesson 30 - Content Distribution - Comment Marketing
Lesson 31 - Measuring the Effectiveness of your Content Marketing
Lesson 32 - How to Create a Content Calendar
Lesson 33 - Content Marketing Career Prospects

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