Slow Tech Magazine- Concept Edition

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Slow Tech is intended to be a quartely magazine (primarily physical) that'll play at the intersection of media, creative expression and crowdfunding. We live in an age of rapid change and the current generation is quickly losing connect with the surroundings. All areas- farming, fabric, construction and many more are undergoing 'modernization' and mechanization. We can ofcourse not go back in time but 'Slow Tech' wants to take a closer look at things and give a balanced view of things. Say, the heart of the old and the mind of the new. We'll go slow and deep, not more than 10 articles a month but each writer will have a deep connect with the initiative. And the intention is to connect all the three stakeholders- the person being written about, the writer and the reader- in a deeper, longer, fluid bond. The story actually starts after the story is published.

This is a concept edition and we're only 60% happy with what we have but we felt the need to get the word out and see what people have to say. This is a magazine which has its basis in a lot of physical work happening on the ground. It has been an intense experience to shape this up and concept edition sets the intention for the upcoming work!

The project is materializing through Saadho (Jubin, Saraswati, Anish, Universe) in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. You can write to to connect.