The Startup Course 2.0 - by YourStory Academy

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The Startup Course 2.0, By YourStory, is everything you need to start, build, and grow your startup successfully.

This training program has 18 pre-recorded sessions covering all the topics that you need to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Each session focuses on a single aspect of building and growing your startup.

Session 1 - Before you begin: Understand all the concepts clearly before you get started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Session 2 - The Mindset: Transition from an employee mindset to a strong entrepreneurial mindset and then develop the startup mindset.

Session 3 - Coming up with the right ideas: Play around with a framework you can use to stimulate your mind to come up with great ideas across industries.

Session 4 - Understanding Your Business and Market: Decide whether to build a product-based or a serviced startup, whether to go B2C or B2B and all the different business models.

Session 5 - How to Validate Your Ideas: Learn how to test the hypothesis of the problem and the solution with your target market before you build anything.

Session 6 - Building Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Understand what an MVP is and use the 4 step MVP framework to ship your first product.

Session 7 - Achieving Product-Market Fit: Deep dive into product-market fit and how to test product-market fit proactively with two simple methods.

Session 8 - Scaling Your Startup: Learn the right way and the right time to scale your startup and not fall into the trap of premature scaling.

Session 9 - Business Structure and Compliance: Don’t make the same mistakes as other entrepreneurs by ignoring compliance. Understand all the steps you need to take for the right business structure and compliance.

Session 10 - Financial Modelling for Your Startup: Develop the three most crucial financial statements for your startup - profit & loss statement, balance sheet and the cash flow statement

Session 11 - How to Create a Business Plan and Pitch Deck: Equip yourself with a solid business plan and pitch deck you can use to present to investors and other stakeholders.

Session 12 - Valuation & Funding for Your Startup: Find out the valuation of your startup with the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method and all the options you have for funding.

Session 13 - Hiring for Your Startup: Assemble a high-performance team and learn how to manage them in this session.

Session 14 - Marketing for Startups: Visualise the customer journey and target the right audience with your tastefully crafted marketing communication.

Session 15 - Branding and Positioning: Learn how positioning your brand properly can help you penetrate a market and dominate it.

Session 16 - Pricing and Distribution: Come up with the right price for your product which your customers will pay and help you generate healthy profits.

Session 17 - Integrated Marketing: It’s time to deploy all your marketing activities feeding into each other with integrated marketing

Session 18 - Personal Growth: Don’t forget about yourself on this journey. Learn how to take care of yourself to grow and sustain both yourself and your startup.

That's not all. We also have for you exclusive interviews with successful founders and startup executives sharing the top lessons they learned in their journeys. Some of the founders who share their insights are

Kunal Shah - Founder & CEO, Cred
Naveen Tewari - Founder & CEO, InMobi
Amit Gupta - Co-Founder & CEO, Yulu
Sujeet Kumar, Amod Malviya, and Vaibhav Gupta, co-founders of Udaan
Virendra Gupta - Founder, and CEO, Dailyhunt

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