The Startup Course - by YourStory Academy

₹ 20,000₹ 6,999

The Startup Course, By YourStory, is everything you need to start, build, and grow your startup successfully.

This training program has 24 pre-recorded sessions covering all the topics that you need to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Each session focuses on a single aspect of building and growing your startup.


Session 1: What it takes to be an entrepreneur and why to become an entrepreneur.

Session 2: The startup mindset and the difference between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset.

Session 3: The different approaches to come up with ideas and the essential questions you should ask.

Session 4: Why validating your idea is essential (and how to validate your idea without breaking the bank).

Session 5: How to brand and position your startup in the market and capture the attention of your audience.

Session 6: Why you need to build an MVP first, how to build your MVP in the right way, and how to collect feedback about your MVP.

Session 7: Proven methods to get your first 100 and 1,000 customers.

Session 8: Answers to the most critical questions about the early stages of building a startup.

Session 9: Different pricing strategies and psychological pricing tactics you can use to get more sales and revenue.

Session 10: When to scale, conditions to consider before scaling up, and the different steps to scaling your business.

Session 11: How funding works, and different ways of raising money.

Session 12: Financial forecasting and preparing your pitch deck for potential investors.

Session 13: When to hire, how to identify the right candidates, and how to manage the team to achieve great results.

Session 14: Marketing for startups and how it differs from marketing other types of businesses.

Session 15: Why understanding your potential customers is critical for your success, and how to build your customer persona.

Session 16: How to gain trust by applying different principles of persuasion and influence.

Session 17: How to approach marketing and sales for B2C, B2B, and enterprise businesses.

Session 18: Why branding is essential for a business or startup, and how to position and build your startup brand.

Session 19: Inbound marketing concepts and tactics that can help you grow your customer base above and beyond 1,000 customers.

Session 20: Outbound marketing concepts, and how to use to the pull-advertising tactic to reach your audience and turn them into customers.

Session 21: How to leverage integrated marketing and get 10x more results.

Session 22: Marketing metrics you should track and measure to understand your startup’s growth.

Session 23: Different business structures (along with their pros and cons) and adhering to the legal compliance requirements.

Session 24: How to create work/life balance and maintain your physical and mental wellness.

That's not all. We also have for you exclusive interviews with successful founders and startup executives sharing the top lessons they learned in their journeys. Some of the founders who share their insights are

Kunal Shah - Founder & CEO, Cred
Naveen Tewari - Founder & CEO, InMobi
Amit Gupta - Co-Founder & CEO, Yulu
Sujeet Kumar, Amod Malviya, and Vaibhav Gupta, co-founders of Udaan
Virendra Gupta - Founder, and CEO, Dailyhunt

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