Introduction to Yoga - Guidebook

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This is concise manual to understand the ancient origins of Yoga as well as its application today. The seamless blend of tradition and technology that we see across all workshops YoVeDa, comes across in its very first publication as well. The easy flowing language, some interesting facts, state of the art illustrations and design, and QR codes leading to video tutorials makes this an engaging, enriching experience.

- Brief History of Yoga
- Yoga Today
- 10 Step Magic Formula
- DIY Yoga Sequence | Mix and Match from the Asana Bank
- Photographic illustrations
- Breakdown of each asana right from its Etymology, Benefits, Precautions & Contraindications to Expert Tips.
- QR Codes leading to Video demonstrations
- Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)
- Dhyana (Meditation)
- Sukshma Vyaayaam (Subtle Yoga for Relaxation)