2020 Offer - Manage your Inventory & Billing @ Just 2020 INR

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₹ 2,020

Searching for an easy solution to Manage your Stocks and Billing ?

Still worrying on Collecting Pending Payments & Making Mobile Sales Order.?

Ready to Collect Customer payments from Mobile ?

How do you feel, if it Just Cost INR 2020 , to Manage your Billing and Inventory for your business.

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✅ See how your business is doing
✅ Manage your business on the go
✅ Keep track of overdue invoices
✅ Identify Fast Moving Products
✅ Payments Reminders to Customers
✅ Mobile App Pay Collections
✅ Easy Inventory
✅ Smart Payment Follow-ups
✅ Smart Reports In Mobile App

Ever seen such an Offer Right?

Pay Rs.2020 and Get your Software ready in just one day...

Terms & Condition :
👉 Offer Valid till 15-Jan-2020 . Post that 10K per Installation...
👉 Only 1 Purchase allowed per User
👉 Mobile App can be availed by paying INR 2020 EXTRA