ChaloHoppo Village at ZFM 2017 (Camping package 4 nights/ 5 days)

  • Start Date: Sept. 28, 2017, 11:04 a.m.
  • End Date: Oct. 2, 2017, 7:04 a.m.
  • Venue: Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Day 1 (28th September)
Run to your tent for dramatic effect; freshen up, then guzzle a bamboo mug full or two of the local rice beer.
The campsite will have different varieties of meat and vegetarian starters to choose from including some delicious smoked pork and other local delicacies. Enjoy.

Day 2 (29th September)
These 4 days are your perfect getaway. Relax, enjoy, listen to some beautiful music and do whatever you’ve wanted to. Sleep under the starlit sky, balter around a bonfire or snuggle up in your tent.

Day 3 (30th September)
Head out for a walk with ChaloHoppo’s local guide and get a sneak peek into the Apatani way of life. A cup of tea and some fresh vegetables can also be tried while sitting inside a traditional Apatani home.
By 1 pm go to the festival grounds and come back whenever you feel like to a buzzing campsite, to jam with Tenny and Boi (A local band from Cherrapunji who will travel with us)

Day 4 (1st October)
Get down on your knees and into the muddy paddy fields of Ziro valley to catch some fish with your bare hands (optional), that’s right, no nets, no rods, only your bare hands and a basket to collect your catch. Head to the festival by 1 pm and party into the night.Come for the jamming session at night.

What will you be sleeping in?

2 people sleep in a 3 person Fresh and black tent from Decathlon, i.e. tents that keep you cool and fresh while you sleep in darkness and with extra space.


  1. Breakfast for 4 days served from live kitchen (excluding 28th September and 3rd October)
  2. Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, pillows
  3. Electricity source with charging points (Specific time slots will be allotted at the camspite)
  4. Clean and hygienic toilets and bathrooms
  5. Luggage room
  6. 24 hour water supply
  7. Bonfire
  8. Campsite jam sessions with musicians from Sohra who will live in the campsite.

  9. Air fare

  10. Lunch and dinner (available on request at Rs 200 per plate for veg and Rs 250 per plate for non veg)

  11. Anything not mentioned in inclusions

  12. Excess stay & meals due to bad weather conditions/strikes, resulting in flight delays or any other form of transport

Cost per person: Rs 7,800/-

Additional activities:

  1. Guided village walk where you get to interact with, and photograph Apatani people and their lives, try traditional attire and jewellery and have a cup of tea with them. - Rs 500/- per person

  2. Fishing in traditional Apatani style, where we trek to a paddy field, catch the fish guided by locals and carry them back to our campsite to cook it in traditional Apatani way. Rs 500/- per person

  3. Cycling tour covering the village life of Ziro

Terms and conditions:

• The organisers reserve the right to withdraw all services and evict any camper without refund at any time if the actions are deemed to be in violation of camp rules
• Check out time is 12:00 hours..
• Slot at the campsite will be confirmed only upon receipt of full payment
• Only campers registered with ChaloHoppo are allowed at the campsite. If you intend to bring a guest, you have to notify ChaloHoppo in advance and a decision will be taken accordingly

• All guests must have government authorised valid Identity Card to check in.
• Guests are requested to respect the local traditions and customs
• ChaloHoppo does not take responsibility for any refund arising out of any natural or man-made calamities that may occur
• ChaloHoppo won't be responsible for loss and damage of goods belonging to the guests
• Any damage to tents, sleeping bags, pillows or any other material belonging to ChaloHoppo in the campsite is subject to full payment of the product MRP with an additional cost of Rs. 500/- for every item towards procurement charges
• ChaloHoppo reserves the right to cancel, change the price, venue or inclusions with or without any prior notice to the guests if the situation demands

Cancellation policy:

More than 45 Days prior to arrival : 75% refund
30 -45 Days prior to arrival : 50% refund
15- 30 Days prior to arrival : 25% refund
Less than 15 Days prior to arrival : 0% refund

Other details

ChaloHoppo village is a 900 meter walk from the venue
The ticket bought under the full package is under the jurisdiction of ChaloHoppo and all related issues shall be resolved by the same
For further information call 9819235749 or 9401139606 to get in touch with ChaloHoppo or email them at