Experience Destination: The Ultimate Camping Experience at ZIRO Festival (4 nights with Breakfast and Dinner)

  • Start Date: Sept. 26, 2019, noon
  • End Date: Sept. 30, 2019, noon
  • Venue: Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

The Ultimate Camping Experience during Ziro festival, craft-fully curated village tours, Apatani tribal tours, palatable culinary experiences, tasting sessions of locally brewed wine and much more...

Experience Ziro beyond Ziro Festival...

----Experience Destination's Campsite----

-Experience state of art bamboo architecture in the campsite.
-24x7 Bar with varieties of locally brewed wines.
-24x7 Charging Stations.
-Lunch on Day 1 and Breakfast and Dinner on all days.
-Live kitchen serving unlimited palatable meals of different cuisines from all over the country.
-DIY barbecues and campfire.
-Luxury camping experience with mattresses, pillows and blanket/sleeping bags. Twin sharing on 3 men tent ensuring enough space for that satisfying leg stretch while you sleep.
-Live Bands and After parties in the campsite.
-Clean and Sanitized Bathrooms and Lavatories. Separate for Men and Women.
-Friendly Hosts cum friends at your service assisting you with absolutely anything you need.

----Other Inclusions----

-Scooty is available on rent at our campsite on Daily basis @ Rs 1200/day if you wish to explore the area nearby on your own.
-Shared Taxis will be available in campsite if you wish to visit Town anytime (6 kms from the Venue)
-Guided Village tours where you’ll get to hangout with the Apatanis and probably get invited by them for a cup of tea or Apong (local rice beer) @ Rs 700 per person.
-Learn traditional Apatani Fishing technique in their paddy fields and enjoy it over the evening Barbeque at Campsite @ Rs 500/person.

----Terms and Conditions----

-The organizers reserve the rights to evict any camper anytime without any refund if his/her actions violates any camp Rules.
-Experience Destination is not responsible for your whereabouts or safety if you are outside the camping premises.
-Any Loss to the camping materials such as tents, pillows, mattress or any property belonging to Experience Destination will is subject to full payment of Product MRP.
-Experience Destination Wont be responsible for any loss or damage of Goods belonging to the travelers.
-All guests must carry a Govt issued Valid ID Card.
-Only campers staying with Experience Destination will be allowed in the campsite and if you intend to bring guests from outside, you’ll have to Pre notify us.
-Slots at campsite will be confirmed only after receipt of full payment.

Email address-
Contact number- 9366040476, 6002161332, 9859960660