Gold Membership (Yearly)

₹ 3,500

Pay here to obtain Gold Membership for an entire year.

We have partnered with to bring the best of Chess learning to you for a discounted price. We have been using extensively to motivate children to play puzzles, discover opening through video lessons and play & monitor games regularly. We have also used to the game & puzzle ratings to accelerate the learning and interest.

Over the last one year, we have noticed an extended access to puzzles, lessons & games has helped the Gold Membership students to accelerate faster than the rest. Furthermore, the interest levels have sustained for longer. Hence, I strongly urge you to take advantage for the offer and make the best use to complement the learning at ZugZwang Academy.

We offer the Annual Gold Membership at a 25% (after tax) [Purchase standalone, the membership costs $49.99 or Rs. 3250].

Once your payment is received, we will upgrade your account to Gold within 24 hours. In case your account hasn't been created, we will create an upgraded account and share the details with you.