About Instamojo

Collect Payments Instantly with a Link

Instamojo lets you collect payments instantly. Start simply by creating a link by adding details. Share with your audience, through a link. And start collecting payments in minutes!

We provide you an out-of-the-box e-commerce framework that takes care of mundane stuff from payments to delivery. All you need to do is share a link wherever your audience is.

Thousands of users are using Instamojo to collect payments for ebooks, reports, tickets, tutorials, merchandise, invoices, services, and much more.

Our Story

It all started in late 2010 (Instamojo was founded in 2012) when Sampad (one of the founders) started a newsletter comprising of video interviews as a side project.

Later he wanted to monetize the newsletter but couldn't as there wasn't an easy, hassle-free solution which just works. Soon he realized that the problem was much deeper. The prevalent solutions for selling stuff online were really painful & had too much friction.

Instamojo Founders

This led to present day Instamojo. We are striving to simplify online commerce with focus on design, delivery and distribution. While Instamojo was started as a side project but now it has taken a life of its own. And best part is we are just getting started!

The Team

Investors & Advisors

We are backed and advised by prominent angel investors and venture capital firms like Rajan Anandan, Sunil Kalra, 500 Startups, Blume Ventures, Dave McClure, Rob de Heus, Thijs Gitmans, Pankaj Jain, Shailesh Rao, Bharathram Thothadri, Avlesh Singh.

They are associated with big names like Google, Twitter, DHG Communications etc.

500 Startups, Blume Ventures, DHG Communications