Measure Business Performance

Understand customer engagement, see real-time activity on your payment links & online store, get sales insights, & more, right from your Instamojo dashboard.

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Detailed eCommerce Analytics

Get comprehensive payment analytics of your direct payments & sales on your online via dedicated analytics app on your Instamojo dashboard.

  • Get overview of your sales performance & user activity
  • Sales & payment break-up reports
  • Geo performance insights
  • Visitor engagement reports
  • Compare performance with industry benchmarks

Detailed Payments Report

See incoming payments in real-time, manage them and take actions.
  • All incoming payments in one dashboard view
  • Summary report for quick reference
  • Real-time data collection
  • Intuitive search feature
  • Break-down payments via sales channel

Payment Links Performance Insights

See activity on your payment links, manage them and take actions right from your very own payment links dashboard.
  • See link visits & payments collected
  • Check payment link configuration
  • Convert links into embeddable pay buttons
  • Intuitively search specific payment links

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