How ClearIAS Gave Hope To Aspirants From All Walks of Life

clear ias

If you are an IAS aspirant, you must have stumbled upon – a UPSC Civil Services Exam online preparation website. In 2012, Alex Andrews George was keen on providing affordable coaching for aspirants who could not afford classroom coaching.

He founded clearIAS as a single person startup and it has since grown leaps and bounds.

This three year old website now has over ten lakh  page views per month and over two lakh followers on Facebook. The primary reason for its incredible growth? They provide study material and examination guidance for free. To keep the momentum going, they launched a ClearIAS Mobile Application for Android and iPhone devices a year ago. Now, with more than 1.5 lakh downloads, ClearIAS is the most popular mobile application in India dedicated entirely to the field of UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation.

During the process of transforming ClearIAS into a complete self-study package, the ClearIAS Team decided to develop an innovative online mock test platform, collecting nominal fees from the users. To build a great product, many components have to come together to create magic. One of the most important aspects is that users must have a seamless experience when they use the product. “Our requirement was to give instant access to users upon payment, without manual intervention. Also, we wanted to save aspirants’ valuable time by avoiding the usual steps like third party beneficiary addition through net-banking” says Alex.

On integrating Instamojo as the payment solution, its impact on their business was instantly noticeable. “Within two months, 10000+ users registered on our test-taking platform. It seems that the ease of making payments was an added attraction. It enabled users to learn and compete with thousands of aspirants across India, in real-time.”

In many ways, it looks like Alex’s journey has just begun. “We are on a mission – a mission of providing affordable education to millions in the country, allowing them to clear the toughest exam in the country through self-study, “says Alex.

We wish Alex and clearias the very best and are thrilled to be an integral part of helping civil service aspirants achieve their dreams.