Leverage Missed Call Marketing and Reach Out to a Broader Audience

Missed Call Marketing
(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

Not everyone in the country is on social media, but most of them have mobile phones. With missed calls being free of cost to them, it becomes a lucrative channel to advertise. Here is how you can leverage missed-call marketing:

Get more customers:

In any business, it is important to generate consumer interest or inquiry into your products or services. This is basically called lead generation and there are many tactical ways of doing this online.

With missed call marketing, you can tap into an offline audience as well.

We have freshly launched an easy way to subscribe to Missed-call Marketing in our App Store.

Once you subscribe for the Ozonetel App in Instamojo’s App store, you will get a MCA number and you can set a message for those giving you missed calls. The message can contain a link to your website/blog/product within 180 characters.

After you set the message, you can promote this number everywhere:

– Banners
– Online Ads
– Hoardings
– Social Media Covers
– Brochures
– Pamphlets, etc.

This will help you improve your sales – meaning higher revenue.

See how other businesses are using Missed-call marketing in print materials:

Missed Call Marketing

If you are running Google display network ads, you can display your MCA number on your Ad creatives asking people to give a missed call to get more information about your service and thereby capturing leads. This way they don’t have to click on your ad (thereby saving your ad spends on clicks).

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