How Bakarmax Spreads Viral Cartoons in India with mojoXpress

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2023)

Quirky, witty and unapologetic humour that will make any Indian uncle cringe and then roll with laughter.

That’s Bakarmax for you, our mojoMaker for the month.

What is Bakarmax?

Bakarmax is a web cartoon series, and the brainchild of Mr Sumit Kumar, a witty artist from the cultural hub of Kolkata.  If you are looking for a fresh take on Indian satire, you need to visit Bakarmax’s website, but preferably when your boss is not around.

Sumit’s artwork screams Indian humour, with a touch of sarcasm and oodles of hidden messages about our society. It will have you laughing out loud one second and pondering the next.

Sumit Kumar – Father of Bakarmax

Sumit’s Journey & the Birth of Bakarmax:

Sumit Kumar was in his second year of engineering when a friend from his college encouraged him to pursue cartooning as a profession.

“ He walked into my room and saw that I had sketched everywhere, from one end of the room to the other.”  – Sumit

Sumit began reading comics in 7th standard when his father got him his first comic from a guy renting some on the street. He read around 10 comics every day and soon realised; he simply loves comics.

Sumit lived a dual life. He was an engineering student by day and learnt to cartoon at Pran Media Academy at night.

“ I was out since 8 am in the morning and back home by 10 pm but would sketch till 2 am.”

It was during one of these sketching sessions that Bakarmax was born. Sumit wanted to create longer comics for the whole world to see and enjoy.

Advice to aspiring cartoonists:

According to Sumit, you do not become a cartoonist by reading comic books alone. He encourages young, aspiring artists not only need to read comics to make comics but also read about World History, Space, Geography, Politics and more.

” Making comics is your job, but there is so much more to what you can create if you explore.”

How Instamojo helps Bakarmax:

When Sumit began to sell his comic books online, he approached a friend to figure out the logistics. Turns out, it wasn’t pretty. Soon, Sumit discovered Instamojo and was thrilled to discover that it was just 5% + Rs. 3 on every transaction on digital goods. He set up his online store on Instamojo and began selling to his eager customers.


Bakarmax began to receive multiple orders but sadly, he had to ship the products himself by speed post. That was until he discovered mojoXpress. Instamojo’s quick shipping partners helped Sumit deliver comics to his customers easily with scheduled pickup and easy tracking.

Sumit publishes webcomics on everything mundane and important. His graphic novels ‘The Itch You Can’t Scratch’ and ‘Amar Bari, Tomar Bari: Naxalbari’ are laugh riots you must check out.

His comics have been widely received by the Press and Comic Lovers of India. With his quick, sharp wit and love for doodling, Sumit hopes to keep spreading important messages while remembering to never take life too seriously.


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