How To Teach Online To Survive In A Pandemic

how to teach online - tips and tricks
(Last Updated On: September 26, 2021)

The Government has initiated a lockdown for 21 days. Schools are closed, but that does not mean you cannot teach.

In fact, this could be a blessing in disguise. This guide will show you a few tips that you need to know on how to teach online – especially during a pandemic lockdown.

Many teachers today use conventional methods of teaching. With the advent of technology and its introduction into the classrooms, teachers, and professionals alike are looking to get online, with their whiteboard and trusty PPTs.

In fact, you can also teach online if you are a subject matter expert. People are looking to upskill during this time, so why not take your expertise online and make a business?

You need 3 things to help you teach online:

  1. Curated content on subject matter discussions
  2. A reliable platform or tool where you can host classroom sessions and record videos
  3. A secure payment gateway for students to pay and register.

How To Teach Online – Learning Management Systems

An excellent way to do this is by becoming an online instructor. For example, let’s show you what mojoVersity is all about.


In 2019, our marketing team launched the IAMMSME campaign. Through this campaign, we realized that over 70% of the respondents could not expand or start a business because there was a lack of information in the market.

To tackle this, our team started mojoVersity – India’s 1st Learning platform for
entrepreneurs & SMEs that wanted to grow.

How to teach online mojoVersity Instamojo

On mojoVersity, we collaborated with experts from different fields to offer course material and curated content to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs. We partnered with companies like ClearTax, LegalWiz, Hubspot, and Domination Lab to create online courses to help businesses build skills that help them grow in the competitive market.

So, if you wish to teach a skillset during the pandemic shut down, get in touch. Our team is scouting for experts on different business skill sets. Leave your email ID in the comments and we would love to get in touch with you.


Udemy, like mojoVersity, is an online e-learning platform that allows you to conduct courses, become an online instructor and teach people online. In a move similar to Inception, Udemy also has affordable courses to help you become an expert online instructor.

To get started on Udemy, all you need to do is Signup, create a payment account and start curating courses. All Udemy courses must be at least 30 minutes and 5 minutes long.


As the name suggests, Skillshare is an e-learning community where experts on any topic can share expertise, earn money and help members get inspired and build skills. You can teach on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.

Top 3 Free Video and Audio Tools to help you teach online

Remember tuition classes after school hours? Luckily, times have changed. Your students need not travel all the way to your home for classes. You can do it over a video call! You can conduct classes online during this pandemic, from the safety of your home, using the following tools.

1. Zoom

If you teach group sessions, then I personally recommend Zoom.  Zoom is pretty cool to use. All you need to do is download the software onto your desktop, and generate a unique ID with which your students can directly join in for the class.

With Zoom you get;

  • Voice and video call
  • Screen sharing
  • Record option. This comes in particular use for any student who missed the class, or if you wish to upload the video online later.

However, Zoom is not completely free. All group calls are limited to just 40 minutes. Any minute longer, and you need to signup for a monthly plan.

Download Zoom here 

2. Skype

A free tool for anyone looking to impart a little knowledge over video. Skype is most commonly used to make video calls – for personal and official purposes. Skype is also one of the most popular tools used by teachers to talk to their students online.

With Skype, you can:

  • Call your students using voice or video
  • Share your screen
  • Send files and
  • Engage in group calls too – this way, your entire classroom can join.

Download Skype here

3. LIVE Webinars

Did you know about Facebook or Instagram LIVE being a viable option to get through to students? You can set a timetable for students to join in, and the LIVE video shows you how many students are participating (attendance roll call?)

For example, we conduct LIVE webinars from our office with experts and entrepreneurs from different fields. Thousands of people view the LIVE videos and ask the experts’ questions pertaining to the field and in return, gain knowledge.

mojoSeries Part 18: Let's Talk Accounting for Small Businesses

Why should we let a glitch stop us from bringing you the best?Due to a technical error yesterday, we were unable to go LIVE on Facebook, but we did record a session with Mohnish Katre, co-founder of where we discussed all things accounting.We also gave away a FREE certification course on Basics of Accounting for Businesses, which you can access here: the video and take the course to become an accounting expert.

Instamojo यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, २८ फेब्रुवारी, २०२०

How to teach online with Instamojo:

Yes, you can teach online using the Instamojo online store to feature your online courses.

You can sell online courses on your Instamojo store easily– no matter the type of industry you are in. Let’s show you this with an example: Kallada Academy

Kallada Academy is a digital marketing agency that also offers online learning courses to the public. While they offer courses on its website, Kallada Academy uses the Instamojo online store to sell its courses. Once the customer lands on the store and pays for the course on Instamojo, they are provided education and course material, from guides to ebooks, specially curated by the professionals from the academy.  how to teach online on Instamojo

Let’s look at how Libro Education uses Instamojo to teach online:

Libro Education, an online exam preparation educator, helps students acquire exam material for IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) and other prestigious Indian university entrance exams. They share course material on the Instamojo store, and this way, allows students to pay through different online modes of payment.

They also use the newly revamped ‘Pay what you want the feature.

Libro education how to teach online Instamojo

Besides that, the educator also uploads tutorials on Youtube to help aspiring students with the exam material.

how to teach online

If you wish to make extra income on the side teaching people online, try these tools. You can also share payment links with prospective customers/students using Instamojo.