5 Sellers on Instamojo Selling Quirky Products Online

quirky products on Instamojo
(Last Updated On: June 3, 2021)

Our vigilance team is almost always happy and smiling because there is never a boring moment at their job, specially when there are so many interesting sellers applying for online payments and online store on a daily basis.

Once in a while, we share giggles over someone getting rejected by the Risk team because they applied to sell things like Kidneys, someone trying to collect money for offering exorcism(that really happened). And at other times, we end up shopping massively together at the office on finding quirky products from our sellers. Yes, we are our customer’s customers!

So this is a post about the top 5 Quirky Sellers on Instamojo:

1. Custom Hookahs from Jaipur

Custom Hookahs from Jaipur

Check out their Instamojo Online Store here.

These guys custom design Hookahs for you, not only do they look great as decorative, they work great as well. They also allow you to rent hookahs on demand.

2. Simply Potato

Simply Potato mojo store

We couldn’t help ourselves but be amused at the idea when we came across this store on Instamojo.

James (CEO, MEDIABAZZAR) puts it the best:

I bet you’re wondering WTF this site is all about… A potato in the mail, really??? Who in their right mind would want to do that! Yes, it is true that you can send an actual potato through the freaking mail and its awesome. Try now.

3. Keh Ke Lo (Say and Take)

Instamojo stores


Stinker Bombs anyone? For rates as cheap as just Rs. 149/- , you can send a deceptive envelope containing sticky glitter with a custom note to your friends/enemies and troll them with it. Plus, they don’t even get to know who sent it unless you tell them yourselves.

You can find the service here.

4. Minimal Movie Posters

Minimal Movie Posters

Abhinav Bhatt’s online store (Minimal Movie Posters) is quite deservingly famous for his alternate minimal posters for movies. His work is quirky and his collection is as such that it makes you want to buy them all.

Cherry on the top: Some of these posters will soon be available as T-Shirts.

5. Nuts and Boltz

See a really good design? You can convert it into a 3D art for yourself.

Here are some examples:

sellers on Instamojo blog

Nuts and Boltz is a really creative service that offers 3D Models and hardware incubation among other things like workshops on the same.

Want to join the sellers on Instamojo? We are a pretty big community of 1 million people, and we could use some more.

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