Sustainable small business stories – The art of making jewellery from clothes

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2021)

Have you ever worn earrings made using cloth? Ae Ri Sakhi is a sustainable small business venture that makes beautiful ethnic jewellery using scrap cloth and oxidized silver. Started by Jayati Dave and her mother Hema Dave, the brand aims to encourage people to buy sustainable products.

Jayati took her experience working in the fashion industry and started this venture – only this time, she wanted to try her hand in the world of slow, sustainable fashion. We got in touch with the mother-daughter duo to learn more about their beautiful business.

sustainable small business
Jayati Dave and Hema Dave – Founders, Ae Ri Sakhi

Ae Ri Sakhi is my brainchild, born out of sheer passion and an urge to enter the world of sustainability and slow fashion.” – Jayati Dave

From cloth to earring – setting up a sustainable small business

Jayati and her mother Hema, make fashionable Indian jewellery from scrap fabric which is collected from the workshop of a boutique where Jayati used to work in.

” I always had a knack for creativity and compassion towards environment conservation. After working in fashion, I became aware of the fact that not every kind of cloth is  biodegradable and can be damaging to the soil if dumped mindlessly and without segregation. I felt like it was my responsibility to fix this problem. So I thought of making the best of waste.” – Jayati

Jayati and her mother put a lot of thought and effort into making each earring. In order to make their business completely eco-conscious and sustainable, the mother-daughter duo pays extra attention to details.  From procuring the fabric to packaging the final product, all plastic-free!

My mother helps me making the earrings and manages the inventory, supplies, as well as finance. We make sure that all our products are eco friendly and plastic free. Including all our  personal notes and messages.

Styling sustainable jewellery

Ae Ri Sakhi jewellery is completely handmade, lightweight and – zero waste! Jayati recommends pairing the earrings with casual wear to highlight the statement look. Her designs range from casual to eclectic designs that suit anyone – and any kind of attire.

sustainable small business

Ae Ri Sakhi is a new sustainable small business. The duo is already making waves with happy customers who love how the earrings look with everything they wear. The mother-daughter duo caters to a large audience who love that the earrings are –

  1. Affordable
  2. 100% handmade
  3. Zero waste
  4. Indian fusion designs

“In just 3 months, we received an overwhelming response and praises for our unique designs and immense support from everyone.” – Jayati

Selling online is a sustainable idea

Ae Ri Sakhi saw great potential in taking the business online. Set up only 3 months ago, the business already has a strong 1,500 follower base on Instagram. With growing orders, Jayati and Hema Dave have taken their sustainable small business online on eCommerce platforms.

Guess who they chose?

Ae Ri Sakhi initially relied on strong community support and social media to get orders. However, like many growing small businesses – they needed to expand their base.

” We recently discovered Instamojo. It has only been two days since we launched our premium online store on Instamojo but it has a very user friendly set up and layout. It’s a fuss free software and I believe that it is an extremely useful tool for small businesses who want to flourish but cannot spend a lot on building their on website or portal.” – Jayati

Let’s take a look at their vibrant online store –
Premium online eCommerce store Ae Ri Sakhi

Small businesses like Ae Ri Sakhi did not let the pandemic dampen their entrepreneurial spirit. Jayati packed her first order in April 2021 and pays close attention to all her customers’ orders. Therefore, if you are looking to buy eco-conscious jewellery but do not know where to find any, then we suggest that you start here!


If you are inspired by Jayati and her mother and also want to try your hand at having your own store, look no further. With Instamojo, you can create your own online eCommerce store in only 5 clicks! And it’s FREE! Start your online journey today.

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