India’s first virtual conference for eCommerce 3.0 – The technology, data and design that power D2C brands

April 11-13

About the event

The #D2CTech Conference by Instamojo is where the best and the brightest brains in the industry will convene to give their two cents on nurturing and growing D2C brands and the tools, technology and platforms that power this growth. 

It’s time to explore cutting-edge innovations that the D2C movement has spurred on and unpack everything that the next generation of entrepreneurs will be able to experience in India.

#D2CTech Conference: Agenda 

In the course of 3 days, we will embrace discourses on the building blocks of the D2C experience and the technology that unequivocally sustains and propels this ecosystem.

Panel discussion on eCommerce 3.0 - The rise of D2C brands in India

Speakers: To be revealed soon

  • Adapting to the cultural shift of catering to digital-savvy customers
  • Overcoming roadblocks in the ideal customer journey
  • Building foresight before building a brand
  • Emerging trends that D2C brands should be capitalising on
D2C Conference
Workshop 1
Create, measure and improve KPIs for your D2C business

Speaker: Ankur Sharma, CPO & Co-founder, Instamojo

Learn how to construct a data-led growth strategy for your online D2C business by focusing on KPIs that actually matter.

Workshop 2
Making your D2C eCommerce startup a lean machine

Speaker: Akash Gehani, COO & Co-founder, Instamojo

Build a lean business strategy for your eCommerce startup by embracing new technologies, simplifying operations and adopting an agile culture

D2C Conference
A fireside chat on becoming a breakthrough D2C brand

Speakers: To be revealed soon

How does an entrepreneur go from zero to a breakthrough brand:
Learn from the successes and failures of this brand.

D2C Conference

Who should attend 

Speakers for the event

Join our conversations with leaders in the Indian D2C space as they decode what the future looks like.

To be revealed soon..

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