eCommerce analytics and customer insights for your online store

Track & use eCommerce data insights for your online store to make data-driven decisions and grow your business.

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Get meaningful, actionable business insights with detailed analytics for
your online business

Unlock the success of your eCommerce business with our suite
of eCommerce business analytics.

One dashboard, several
interesting insights!

Enhance your eCommerce business performance by measuring data points like sales/orders over time, number of visitors, customer lifecycle etc on the analytics overview dashboard.

Get growing with revenue-based eCommerce analytics

Use unique analytics features like-total revenue
generated, average products in cart, top selling
products and more to drive business decisions.

Decode customer journey
with smart conversion funnels

Understand how your customers are interacting with your eCommerce website and products. Check out the conversion funnel feature and reach out to visitors to convert them into customers.

Boost your business with store
visit-based eCommerce analytics

Get seamless eCommerce tracking through
features like heat maps and Geo-location tagging
that helps you visualise your online store traffic
and customer demographics.

How to use eCommerce
to grow your
online business

  • Run marketing campaigns and experiments to grow your online business
  • Analyse the success of your business and experiments with eCommerce analytics
  • Improve your products by decoding customer traffic and buying patterns
  • Optimize your website with customer drop-off data to improve customer acquisition and engagement
  • Get insights on trends, strengths and opportunities for your eCommerce business

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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