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Get an instant loan for your cashflow needs. Grow your business, and run it smoothly with instamojo.

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* Instacash is available to business transacting on Instamojo, based on eligibility.

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Now easily get access to capital without having to bear through tiring approval processes. Just check your eligibility, apply & get payment in your bank account quickly.

*Instacash is available to businesses transacting on Instamojo, based on eligibility. Start collecting payments with Instamojo to become eligible

Simple Repayment Schedule & Transparent Pricing

Instamojo provides fully transparent & easy to understand repayment schedule & charges. We even built a calculator for it!

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Ultra-fast Business Loan Approval

Once you’re clear on your repayment schedule and the loan fees, apply for it.
The amount will be credited to your registered bank account instantly !

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